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In order to live a well balanced life, MACE prioritizes time with her family and friends when not on the road. While she would love to be able to respond to your questions or requests for advice she is unable to do that via this format. For messages not related to speaking, media, or book requests, please send her a DM on her social media platforms as she does respond there as often as possible.

Starting Upside Down Dreams

In early 2022, I left active duty to found Upside Down Dreams. I travel the country speaking to organizations on lessons of grit, perseverance, determination, and teamwork. Through keynotes, courses and workshops, I empower individuals to shift their mindset to see their true potential.

I find this mission greatly rewarding and love being apart of those lightbulb moments when someone starts to believe, ‘I can do this.’ During this time I also wrote a book, “Upside Down Dreams’. It’s a picture book for kids with big dreams looking for a real-world heroine. I love inspiring others, both young and old to chase their dreams and achieve their true potential.

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My Inspirations

My Amazing Family

My husband and stepson have been along with me on this wild ride and I would not be able to pursue this dream without them. As a woman, you don’t have to choose between a successful career or being dedicated to your family. While there are only so many hours in a day, let’s discuss ways you can do both.

Outdoor Adventures

In my free time you can find me rock climbing, mountaineering, or just generally adventuring outdoors. The grit and toughness these sports have developed in me apply directly to my success as a fighter pilot and the lessons I can bring to your organization.


Making time to recharge through various forms of fitness has been a cornerstone for me since I joined the military. It makes me feel like the best version of myself and teaches me lessons on growth, progress, and discipline that carry over into all aspects of life. 

Inspiring Others

As a thought leader, MACE is driven by the opportunity to motivate and empower others to reach their full potential. Her message is grounded in the idea that we are all capable of more than we think, and she finds it immensely elevating to see the impact of her message on individuals and teams. This commitment to elevating others is a cornerstone of her dynamic and engaging speaking style.

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