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Elevate your team with a newfound level of inspiration as MACE empowers your organization through her barrier breaking story

MACE’s Children’s Book


A storybook written for kids with big dreams looking for a real-world heroine.

Inspiring Your Team

MACE: One of only a handful of women to make it to the elite level of the Air Force Thunderbirds. MACE blazed her own trail in the skies and found her purpose in inspiring and empowering others.

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Discover Your True Potential with MACE: Daring, Inspiring, and Empowering. With over a decade of high-flying experience, Michelle shows you how to break free from fear and unleash your full potential.


Transform Your Mindset, Overcome Your Personal and Organizational Limits. Join MACE's workshop and unlock a new world of confidence, clarity, and purpose. Say goodbye to self-doubt and anxiety, and hello to unstoppable action towards your dreams.


MACE excels in connecting with audiences through various formats, including webinars, informative fireside chats, panel appearances, and meet and greets. She brings a diverse range of skills to every engagement.

Facing Fears, Overcoming Self Doubt

Past Event Highlights

SpaceX 2022

PwC 2022

Lenovo 2022

Iowa State University 2022

St Mark's School of Texas 2022

University of St Thomas 2022

Winter Park Fire and Rescue 2022

Workshop Royal Bank of Canada 2022

Gigamon 2023

NBAA S&D Convention 2023

Safari Club International Annual Convention 2023

Fly with MACE

Soar to new heights with MACE as she takes to the skies in her fighter jet. Experience the thrill of high-performance aviation through her captivating video showcasing her skills as a top-notch pilot.

This breathtaking video is a must-watch for anyone seeking a glimpse into the life of a fighter pilot on one of the world’s most elite teams.

Initiatives & Charities

With a wealth of diverse experiences as a Thunderbird Pilot, Combat Veteran, Fighter Pilot, Author, and Outdoor Enthusiast, MACE takes pride in using her platform to give back and uplift organizations in need.


That is exactly what my team needed to hear! You are so inspiring. The quote of the day was, "If MACE can do that, I can go make that sales call I've been avoiding.

Royal Bank of Canada

- Senior VP,

Royal Bank of Canada

Without a doubt, in the 40+ years that we've been doing this, I've never seen anyone come up afterwards and say it was the best ever except this time. Michelle connects to her audience on a personal level and if we didn't cut off the questions afterwards she'd still be there. Every one wanted a picture with her.

Greater Bergen Association of Realtor

- President,

Greater Bergen Association of Realtor

Your messages around trust, inclusion, imposter syndrome, allowing failure to happen and be ok, really resonate with our workforce.


- Leader,


Michelle's vulnerability, drive, and warmth were a breath of fresh air and a powerful example in how you can be successful in a high-stress, high-profile position, but still maintain your identity. Whether it was sharing a lesson learned the hard way, coaching our team on how to


- Program Chair,


I have gotten so many emails or people stopping me to thank me for bringing you to campus, they LOVED it... amazingly well received, I am so happy about that since you were a departure from the speakers we usually have.

Microsoft CELA Team

- ,

Microsoft CELA Team

Inverting Your Mindset

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